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***Prof. Syed Hasan Askari Historiography Project - Official Website:


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***Prof. Syed Hasan Askari Historiography Project - Official YouTube Channel:

*Prof. S. H. Askari Memorial Lecture, Bihar State Archives, Patna, India.

1. 2020 Lecture:

2. 2021 Lecture:

3. 2022 Lecture:

***Interview of Prof. Syed Hasan Askari by BBC Urdu Service:

*Audio clipping of Professor Syed Hasan Askari’s interview by Raza Ali Abidi sahib in Patna, India, for his “Kutub Khana” documentary program, sponsored by BBC London Urdu Service (October 1982 – March 1983). 
Link to Kutub Khana Audio YouTube Video # 17:

***Wikipedia Links

*Biographical Article of Syed Hasan Askari









Egyptian Arabic:


*Photographs of Syed Hasan Askari:

File:His Excellency Gyani Zail Singh, the then President of India, conferred upon Prof. Askari "PADMASHREE AWARD” in recognition of his distinguished contribution to Education and Literature in 1985..jpg,_the_then_President_of_India,_conferred_upon_Prof._Askari_%22PADMASHREE_AWARD%E2%80%9D_in_recognition_of_his_distinguished_contribution_to_Education_and_Literature_in_1985..jpg


File:Professor Syed Hasan Askari receiving Mirza Ghalib Award in 1975 from Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, the then President of India..jpg,_the_then_President_of_India..jpg

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