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***Prof. Syed Hasan Askari Historiography Project - Official YouTube Channel:

Professor Syed Hasan Askari Biography & Historiography Video:

*Prof. S. H. Askari Memorial Lecture, Bihar State Archives, Patna, India.

1. 2020 Lecture:

2. 2021 Lecture:

3. 2022 Lecture:

4. 2023 Lecture:

***Interview of Prof. Syed Hasan Askari by BBC Urdu Service:

*Audio clipping of Professor Syed Hasan Askari’s interview by Raza Ali Abidi sahib in Patna, India, for his “Kutub Khana” documentary program, sponsored by BBC London Urdu Service (October 1982 – March 1983). 

1st Link to Kutub Khana Audio YouTube Video #17:

2nd Link to Kutub Khana Audio YouTube Video #21:

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*Biographical Article of Syed Hasan Askari









Egyptian Arabic:


*Photographs of Syed Hasan Askari:

File:His Excellency Gyani Zail Singh, the then President of India, conferred upon Prof. Askari "PADMASHREE AWARD” in recognition of his distinguished contribution to Education and Literature in 1985..jpg,_the_then_President_of_India,_conferred_upon_Prof._Askari_%22PADMASHREE_AWARD%E2%80%9D_in_recognition_of_his_distinguished_contribution_to_Education_and_Literature_in_1985..jpg


File:Professor Syed Hasan Askari receiving Mirza Ghalib Award in 1975 from Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, the then President of India..jpg,_the_then_President_of_India..jpg

Articles by Prof. Shubhneet Kaushik

1. Prof. Askari's Biography:  "Prof. Syed Hasan Askari" published on the site of  Lost Muslim Heritage Of Bihar.

2. Prof. Askari Historiography Project: इतिहासकार की स्मृतियाँ : सैयद हसन अस्करी Memories of a historian: Syed Hasan Askari

3. Book Review: “Aspects of the Cultural History of Medieval Bihar” by Professor Syed Hasan Askari* The synthesizing role of the Muslim poets of Hindi* Sufism and Hinduism interaction between the two* The City of Patna - Etymology of Place-Names

Published by Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna, India, 1984


4. Nehru and Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library

Historical Exhibition December 22nd, 23rd 1930
Around 92 plus years ago per this historic document dated December 22nd/23rd 1930, which mentioned Mr. H. Askari in relation to an Historical Exhibition as it was organized in connection with Patna Session of Indian Historical Records Commission. Pasted the excerpt below in this regard. This is classified as a critical discovery for the Prof. Askari Historiography Project.

“Proceedings of the Thirteenth Session of the Indian Historical Records Commission held at Patna on the 22nd and 23rd December 1930 (Page 9).”

*The exhibits, which came from Government archives, Indian States, public institutions and private individuals belonging to various parts of India, were remarkable both as regards variety and antiquity. These comprised modern, state papers of first-rate importance, valuable farmans, sanads, and other documents of the Mughal and Maratha periods, inscriptions, coins, grants, etc., of the ancient and latter Hindu kings, medieval weapons, historical paintings, rare books, manuscript works and fine specimens of calligraphy. The Commission was grateful to Dr. Azimuddin Ahmad, Ph.D., Dr. S, C. Sarkar, M.A., Ph.D., M.R.A.S., Mr. K. E. Datta, M.A., P.R.S., and Mr. H. Askari, M.A., of the staff of the Patna College, for securing a good number of choice exhibits belonging to several public and private collections both in and outside Patna.



Itihasvid (Historian) Poem in Honor of Prof. Askari by Bidyut Kumar Pal, Editor of Behar Herald, Patna, Bihar, India (1984)

Honorable Mentions on External Sites

*Patna University:

*Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan (Prof. Askari Endowment Research Fellowship/ Scholarship)

*Jama Millia, Delhi, India 
M. PHIL./ PH.D. IN HISTORY (Course Work)


*Maharaja College, Ara, India 
Prof. Askari Biographical Presentation


*PatliPutra University, India 

*Benares Hindu University 
(Syllabus has three of the books by Prof. Askari. (Pls click on the link below and go to page 50-51).

*University of Arizona 
Professor Eaton’s CV Page#:18


*Kashi Prasad Jayaswal research Institute (KPJRI), Patna, India


*Bihar State Archives
(Under Other Activities, Seminar/Conference/Memorial Lecture, Photo Gallery or Video Gallery, with links to videos and photographs of Prof. Askari Memorial Lectures 2019-2022)


*Khuda Bakhsh Library Publications, India


*Tipu Sultan
Khutut-i-Tipu Sultan: Manuscript in the possession
of Prof. Askari, Patna University, Patna


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